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KACSK Market Research has released new research study on- Commercial 5G Services Market detailed study by Market Trends, Market Analysis, Market Growth, Market Forecast, Market CAGR, Market SWOT Analysis, Market Revenue, Market Key Players, Market Insights (2020 to 2026)

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KACSK Market Research has recently uploaded a new study titled Commercial 5G Services Market to its broad online storehouse. The conveniently covers prime factors motivating development and steering industry trends and demand scenarios. Readers can easily quantify market opportunities with the availability of information such as market sizing and market forecasting, thereby being able to analyze the prevailing status across the Globe
KACSK Market Research has a dedicated research and analysis team consist of professionals experienced with advanced statistical expertise and offer various customization options in the existing study of Commercial 5G Services Market. In-depth study of the Commercial 5G Services Market with a special focus on market trend analysis.

5G services Network technology is capable to support up to 100X speed delivering the extraordinary speed in a few mille second.
Commercial 5G Services Market saying 79 operators across an extra 39 markets had announced plans to launch commercial 5G services as of January 2020. 5G is expected to unbind a drastic IoT ecosystem that would allow networks to serve for billions of connected user devices.

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The race had already begun long back in 1982 with the launch of 1G when mankind saw speed in networks, 1991 brought 2G to our belief that the race so is still heating, 3G in 2000 was mind blowing and gave us the dependability for tech enhanced life style; we were all taken aback with features that 4G LTE has to offer and it promised us Folks that smart living isnt a dream any more. From 6.4 billion connected devices in 2016 to 20.86 billion in 2020 is the promise that 5 G has made, and its worth the wait. The race is so awaited and friendly that 15% of all devices globally will be 5G connected as per GSM GLOBAL by 2025.

Would you mind imagining speed from 1 GBPS to 10 GBPS in your handsets- by the end of 2019, yes thats 5G. Moreover apart from the rest 5G will majorly enhance our lives with autonomous driving , smart cities and interactive content like live streaming , virtual reality etc etc. At the MWC Barcelona, 2019 it was all about possibilities that Fibocom has shown by using Intels XMM8160 modem and will support Sub-6 Ghz and mm wave 5G; also Qualcomms displayed its X55 modem that supports both forms of 5G. But primarily 5G will be made available in handsets and doesnt look like having an aftermarket upgrade.
Are we talking investments now, well than World Mobile Congress Estimates?

That international and national carriers will have to invest $160 billion to be able to roll out 5G networks across the globe. And so is Ericsson very positive and has started deploying 5G pilot networks in 2019 and it has an estimated revenue potential of 1.8 billion in 2026 alone. Greenhill report estimated a huge borrowing of $ 2.7 trillion to make 5 G a global reality but will all this be a win-win deal as Mike Fries, CEO Liberty Global, London based consultancy stays cynical as European carriers had trouble with recovery of 4G Investments.
Asias Giants on the forefront-
China Mobile Communications China has surpassed expectation by being a prominent investor of 43 billion USD in infrastructure alone. This is the biggest company with 859.9 million subscribers and wished to develop 5G with 40 global tech giants and equipment manufacturers.
Celcom Axiata Bhd Head quartered in Kuala Lumpur, this Singapore giant claims to have a speed of 18 GBPS at 28 Ghz in its 5G offerings. The only company to have cellular phone license has made the right move and has conducted the 5G tests already.
Singtel Singapore- Another entry we have on the group is the Singapore based Singtel who has 650 million users across 22 countries, who already is working on 5G along with Ericsson since 2015 January and has a very promising claim like all others.
Huawei China With being the most awarded and largest telecom equipment supplier in 170 countries , after surpassing Ericsson in 2012 , this Chinese giant packs more punch in 5G spree by joining hands with French Group Orange, Telenor of Norway and even has a MOU with the Japans Vision Fund SoftBank.
KT Korea Corporation- with the recent claims of offering 5G services by 2019 latest, this Korean giants wishes to make the most of the PyeongChang winter Olympics in Korea by enabling its users to have time Slice and Sinc. View service in offering specially for the Olympics. Time Slice will provide 360* coverage of the competition whereas Time Slice will help viewers to have FPV ( first person view) of the ongoing games.
In order to be the fastest data transfer speed provider globally Kt has already conducted tests with SAMSUNG in its facility in Suwon and claims to have a data transfer rate of 2.3 GBPS however it aims to have a data transfer rate of 20 GBPS to be one of the pioneers of the new age network.

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SK Telecom- Korea A part of the SK group and the largest Seoul based wireless telecom giant recently took tests of its 5G services along with Ericsson and BMW to be able to provide a data transfer rate of 3.6 GBPS to a 170kph running car. However its eyeing big in the autonomous driving space along with AI and virtual reality.
True move H- Thailand Along with Ericsson this Thailand based conglomerate has already tests its 5G services and claims to be the first in Thailand. The companys officials claim that they have used MIMO (multiple inputs multiple outputs) in TDD ( time division duplex) for this new network. TDD separates uplink and downlink data flows, this winner of the 2016 5G & Asia Awards is already offering 4.5G services dubbed as TrueMove4G+ and promises a sooner up gradation of its services.
To mark its 30 years of operations Ericsson has already showcased its 5G network live demonstration with a speed of 20GBPS in Philippines and also has a MOU with the PLDT Wireless Subsidiary and Smart Communications to deploy its 5G pilot network by 2019. Finally, it all seems a matter of few years and this new connectivity is surely going to impact the way we live and business. A much more advanced and automated device driven age is on its way and here we are to witness it.

Top Players included in the Report.
Cisco Systems ,LG, Qualcomm, T-Mobile USA, Huawei, NEC Corporation, Nokia Networks, Samsung Electronics, AT & T Inc, Ericsson, Nokia Networks, Verizon Communications, Intel Corporation, SK Telecom, NEC Corporation, China Mobile, Korea Telecom.
* Listed companies in this report may vary in the final report subject to Name Change / Merger etc
By Type-
* Cognitive Radio Spectrum Sensing Techniques
* Multi-Technology Carrier Aggregation
* Massive MIMO
By Application-
* Internet of Things (IoT)
* Robotics & Automation
* Virtual Reality

KACSK Market Research is also covering the Global-
Asia- Pacific:- India, Japan, China, Australia, Singapore, South Korea and Indonesia
Europe:- Spain, Russia, Italy, Germany, UK and France
South America: – Brazil, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina.
North America:- United states, Mexico and Canada
Middle East and Africa:- South Africa, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and UAE.
Note- Reports can also be available Specific region wise as per Client requirements
Qualitative, Quantitative, Forecasting and in-depth analysis for the market will be provided on a global, regional and country level for the following years:

Historical data 2019 to 2019
Base year for estimation 2019
Forecast period 2020 to 2026

Our Research covers Competitors:
1- Company Profile
2- Main Business Information
3- SWOT Analysis
4- Sales, Revenue, Price and Gross Margin
5- Market Share

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